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The Town of Beaufort is seeking the community’s input for the proposed re-design of existing Randolph Johnson Park and its expansion to include redevelopment of the existing Public Works yard as a community park. 

Located at the intersection of Pine Street and Carteret Avenue, the new “Randolph Johnson/Water Tower Park” will include the existing basketball and tennis courts located on Cedar Street, and plans to re-purpose the existing Public Works Shop building as an indoor community facility.

Your response to this survey will be helpful to discern community preferences.  Information gathered from this survey effort will guide planning and design decisions moving forward.  A Community Design Workshop is planned to occur in the Fall of  2017.  Through your participation in this survey and/or the Design Workshop, you can help shape the vision for a park that serves the needs of your community to its optimum potential.

This survey will probably take about 10 minutes to complete. Please select the answers to the questions 
which best describes you and your personal preferences. 




Please submit your completed survey by September 22, 2017.