The Beaufort Historic Preservation Commission held a regular meeting at the Train Depot at 6 p.m. on March 7, 2017. Here is a summary of items on the agenda:

  • HPC Guideline Revisions: Members from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) were in attendance to discuss the guideline revisions and their input into the revisions. Members looked at the corrections and wanted to know what the procedure is to make these changes to the guidelines. Planning Director Kyle Garner said the HPC would approve the changes to the guidelines and then hold a public hearing to receive public input. Pending that no new work would be needed after public input, the guideline revisions would then go to the Board of Commissioners who would also hold a public hearing on this matter. Again pending on the outcome of the public hearing, the changes would get immediately approved or go back to the HPC for modifications and then back to the Board of Commissioners.
  • Demolition by Neglect: Amber Kidd, SHPO, had a slide show presentation on this topic. then John Wood (SHPO) discussed how to implement an ordinance, etc. The HPC will be discussing this item at their April meeting.
  • 326 Front Street - Extension of a COA - John Stephens, Moonrakers Restaurant, asked for a six month extension as there have been numerous commissions and boards as well as town staff they have had to make happy. One change is because of flooding in the area and because of Hurricane Katarina, but will only affect the interior of the building. The HPC granted the extension of the COA.
  • 210 Ann Street - New Driveway Pattern and Materials: Applicant Zackary Johnson presented his plan to remove an old concrete driveway an put down brick pavers to match the brick on his house with grass pavers. Mr. Johnson stated this plan is similar to the plan submitted by his neighbor. Based on the application submitted as well as the testimony given during the public hearing, this item was unanimously given a COA.
  • 220 Front Street - New Hanging Sign: This item was tabled because the application was incomplete and will be heard again at the April meeting.
  • 101 Broad Street - Replace Triple Window on West Wall with Shorter Window to Match an Existing Window on the East Wall: Byron Mitchell, applicant, said the reason for the change is to make the area behind the large window the kitchen and with the shorter window, they will be able to tuck some counter space under the new window. As one member pointed out, the building will be more symmetrical if the windows match. A COA was given for this item.
  • 311 Turner Street - Paint Privacy Fence (White), Attach Metal Sculpture and Sign to Fence, and add 10x12 Shed in rear of property: This item was tabled because the HPC requested more information about the sign being posted on the fence. 
  • 101 Ann Street - New Exterior Lights, New French Doors, New HVAC, and New Landscaping:  The applicants are from the Beaufort Inn - Manager Deborah, Landscaper Jonathan, and Maintenance Ray. They will use LED lighting with warm light throughout the property. They will install French doors in the lower level on the west side elevation. They are adding an HVAC system which will be hidden behind existing bushes. Chair Davidson had an issue with the shear number of new sabal palms the applicant is adding to the property. After a general discussion, the applicant agreed to remove some of the sabal palms and keep the three existing trees on the current elevation plan. A COA was unanimously issued for the project based on the testimony and materials submitted with the packet

The next meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission will be held on April 4, 2017 and the agenda for the meeting can be found here. A Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) application can be found here. To submit material for Minor Work consideration, please use the COA application however there is no fee for minor works consideration. The 2017 HPC calendar can be found here.