The HPC is composed of seven Beaufort residents who serve three-year terms, who have a knowledge of and interest in historic preservation. The HPC is appointed by the Town Board of Commissioners, and their purpose is to promote the education, culture, and general welfare of the public through preservation and protection of historical buildings, places and areas; and to maintain such properties as examples of past architectural styles. To find out about the HPC's powers, duties, organization, etc. please see Section 23 of the Town's new Land Development Ordinance (updated 11/13/17). 

Beaufort Town Commissioners designated about  a 12-block area of Town, including part of Taylor’s Creek, as a local historic district. Within the district there are specific standards for alterations and new construction to protect Beaufort’s architectural character. The Town has also designated landmarks outside the local historic district boundaries that are also of historic importance.

Under the HPC’s sponsorship,the Design Guidelines for the Beaufort Historic District and Landmarks was developed in 1994 . The purpose of the Design Guidelines is to assist property owners and the HPC in the ongoing goal of historic preservation in the Town Property owners in the historic district are encouraged to purchase a copy of the guidelines at Town Hall and to familiarize themselves with its provisions.

The HPC reviews and regulates changes to the exterior appearance of buildings in the historic district, the historic setting, including streetscapes, landscaping, and the waterfront area, all new construction, relocations, and partial or whole demolitions and all signs in the historic district. The HPC also conducts surveys and studies of Beaufort’s historic architecture, recommends designation of additional historic districts and landmarks, and reviews applications for historic plaques to be placed on buildings in Beaufort. To obtain an application for a certificate of appropriateness or for minor works designation, please use this form.

The National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form for the Town of Beaufort NC is available here.

                          2018 HPC Members

Member  Term 
Feb. 13, 2017-Jan. 31, 2020
Wendy Davidson Feb. 1, 2016-Jan. 31, 2019
Nancy Francis-Heckman
Feb. 1, 2018-Jan. 31, 2021
Travis Masters Feb. 1, 2016-Jan. 31, 2019 
Richard Olsen Feb. 13, 2017-Jan. 31, 2020
Heather Poling
Feb. 1, 2018-Jan. 31, 2021
 Robert Wilson  Feb. 1, 2016-Jan. 31, 2019


The HPC's meeting and submission calendar for 2018 is now available - click here to see it! 

Certificate of Appropriateness application