A regular meeting of the Board of Adjustment (BOA) was held on Monday, November 28, 2016. Here is a synapsis of the items of consideration:

  • VARIANCE - 322 Orange Street - Reduce the side setbacks and waive the yearly percentage of replacement costs for nonconforming structures:  The applicant, Scott Hobgood, testified that the proposal has been changed from last month. They are requesting a 2½’ variance on the north property line; an 8’ variance on the south property line as the house sits on the property line; and they would like the 10% yearly replacement costs for nonconforming structures waived. This property has been residential for some time and the structure existing (on the property line) well after a zoning code was adopted by the Town. The adjacent property owners are concerned about what the overall plan is because the property owner wishes to take down the existing rear addition to the house and add an addition in the same footprint because the rear addition is falling into itself. One of the adjacent property owners is concerned about aspects of the addition encroaching onto his property including the roof line, the foundation, and the stormwater runoff. The other adjacent owner is concerned about new fire hazards being created by adding the fence in the rear of the property and the closeness of the roof and foundation in proportion to her roof and foundation. After much discussion and after going over each of the findings of fact for a variance, this application was denied the variance by unanimous decision.
  • VARIANCE – 127 Front Street – Reduce the side setback (which is a right-of-way setback) on a corner lot from 20’ to 10’. Member Safrit was recused from this item as the outcome will affect work he is planning for the property owner. The discussion on this item was on reducing the setback in order to add a garage to the rear of the property. The garage was initially proposed to be attached to the house but because of setback requirements, the owner agreed to detach the garage. The proposed garage is for cars and bicycles and the owner is trying to keep the parking spaces in front of the house available as public parking rather than taking them for her personal use. This is a narrow lot and does not meet the requirement for the R-8 zoning district which another reason a variance is needed. After the discussion on this item, the Board reviewed all of the findings of fact and voted unanimously to grant this variance.
  • VARIANCE – 125 Ann Street – Reduce the rear setback from 25’ to 20’ and to waive the yearly percentage of replacement costs for nonconforming structures: Lot is nonconforming because it does not meet the total square footage requirement; The lot has existed for well over 100 years as demonstrated by the Sandborn and other insurance maps; House is plaqued as the Jesse Piver House; Applicant/Owner has found at least three different renovations/additions to the original house; The heated square footage is being reduced in order to add an 8’ wide wrap around porch; and Regarding the yearly percentage of replacement costs – the County Tax records indicate the structure is worth $108,000 and the proposed project will easily exceed the yearly percentage of replacement costs when they begin the project. After discussing the project and going over the findings of fact, a motion was made to issue the variance and the vote was unanimous in support of the variance for this property.

The next Board of Adjustment meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2017 with the cut-off for items for the Board being on January 3, 2017 by 5:00 p.m. To find the 2017 BOA calendar click here.