UPDATE 12/11/15: Trash pickup resumed its regular schedule of once a week after Labor Day Weekend. 

UPDATE 06/10/15: Beginning Thursday, June 18, Beaufort Public Works Department will provide an additional trash pickup throughout Town every Thursday through Labor Day in order to help folks who have accumulated more household waste than usual during the week. 

The Thursday run is in addition to the regular schedule of trash pickup on Mondays, recycling on Tuesdays and yard debris and bulk items on Wednesdays. 
To help make sure Public Works staff has time to perform much-needed maintenance around town -- taking care of roadways, sidewalks and landscaping, etc. -  staff respectfully asks that you please use this courtesy judiciously. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!  

UPDATE  06/09/15:  It was announced during the regular meeting of the Beaufort Board of Commissioners June 8, 2015, that Public Works will have an additional household trash pickup on Thursdays.

5/05/15: The Board of Commissioners opted during the April 29, 2015, work session to keep the current trash collection schedule, which is trash pickup on Mondays, recycling on Tuesdays and yard debris and bulk items on Wednesdays.
In keeping the current schedule to once a week trash pickup, the hope is to allow the Public Works Department as much time as possible to address other Town-wide needs. In addition to trash collection, Public Works is responsible for patchwork on roads, beautification efforts in Town limits, cemetery maintenance, landscaping, assisting with utility cuts, streetscaping, street sweeping, sidewalk maintenance, vehicle maintenance, facilities maintenance, public building upkeep, dock and boardwalk maintenance, and other necessary projects as they arise.
Currently, Public Works staff is devoting three days a week to garbage, recycling and yard debris collection and two to the aforementioned responsibilities. If there is an additional day of pickup added to the schedule, it will slow their ability to accomplish the many projects that need completion around Town. 
The other concern is the additional cost to the Town to add an additional day of trash pickup. The Town charges its residents $11 a month for once-a-week pickup of trash, which is significantly less than other communities in the county.


For more information, contact Town Hall at 252-728-2141