During the Town of Beaufort Board of Commissioners regular meeting Sept. 12, several items were approved including preliminary Plat for Beaufort East Village - Phase I, a group to better study traffic impact on the neighborhoods surrounding Beaufort East Village and and the Sidewalk Trip Hazard Removal Proposal by Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc.

Precision Safe Sidewalks, Inc. performed a walking survey of Town sidewalks and identified 962 trip hazards of varying degrees. The company offered a contract price of $47,884 to remediate those hazards. About 1,300 square feet of sidewalk panels need to be replaced, which is not work that this vendor performs. Replacing those panels has been priced out at $10 a square foot, raising the cost of the project $13,000 more. Coupled with this request is to approve FY 2017 Budget Amendment No.1, which provides funding mitigating hazards surveyed by Precision Safe Sidewalks. Both items were approved.

Regarding Phase I of the Preliminary Plat for Beaufort East Village, Town Planner Kyle Garner presented a Power Point as did Don Mizelle with Withers Ravenel, land planners and engineers for the Beaufort East Development. This Power Point also included information for the most recent traffic study performed by Mike Horn, with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., the licensed engineer who prepared the 2009 traffic study for Beaufort East Village.

After the PUD was approved, a motion was made to begin a group to better address the needs of the community around Beaufort East Village, namely traffic safety. The details of the committee will be refined during the Sept. 28 work session and be an action item during the October meeting.

The Board also passed a Resolution of Support 2017 NC Department of Transportation Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning Grant Initiative and accepted the annual Update on Implementation of 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan.

The Board was to make appointments to the Beaufort-Morehead City Airport Authority Board and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.Thomas Higgins was selected for the Beaufort-Morehead City Airport Authority Board and Charles Davis for the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Commissioner Harker and Commissioner Hollinshed, respectively, were chosen to be the voting delegates for the NC League of Municipalities Advocacy Goals Conference and NC League of Municipalities Conference, which is scheduled for late October in Raleigh.

Items of Consent that were approved include the following: 


The meeting was recessed until 8 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016.