The Board of Commissioners held its regular meeting Oct. 10 in the Train Depot to address the following: 
• A Modification was approved to the Subdivision Ordinance, Article VIII – Improvements Required and Minimum Standards of Design and the Land Development Ordinance - Section 18 Site Plan Standards for Commercial & Residential Structures with over 5,000 square feet – Addition of Appendixes C & D of 2012 NC Fire Code. 
• A walking tour permit renewal request for Hungry Town Tours was approved.
• The Board appointed members to a new Multi-Modal Safety Committee charged with planning a multi-modal path. 
• Peter Crumley was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board for one of the two terms that expired Sept. 30, 2016. 
• There was some discussion about the appointment process that was to be continued at the recessed meeting Oct. 31.
• Also to be discussed at the recessed meeting was a lease for the Inlet Inn added to the agenda during the meeting.
• The work session was rescheduled for Oct. 31, to follow the recessed meeting.