The Town of Beaufort Board of Commissioners held Jan. 9 its regularly scheduled meeting.
Outgoing Town Manager Charles Burgess shared his thoughts about his time as Town Manager. 
After Mr. Burgess spoke, Mayor Stanley presented Mr. Burgess with a proclamation, key to the Town and print of the Beaufort waterfront. 
Police Chief Paul Burdette introduced in Daniel Joseph Latorella II before Mayor Stanley ceremonially swore him in as a Beaufort Police Officer.
Items of Consent approved during the meeting were the following: 2017-18 budget calendar; Downtown Beaufort Development special event application/request to waive ABC laws for Mardi Gras on Middle Lane set for Feb. 25; Minutes from the Dec. 12, 2016, Board of Commissioners regular meeting; Certification Of Municipal Declaration To Enact Speed Limits And Request For Concurrence; and A Proclamation Commemorating Town of Beaufort School Choice Week.
During a Fiscal Year 15-16 Financial Audit presentation, Chris Burton, partner with Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI), explained that they did not identify any deficiencies in internal control. He reviewed highlights of the document, which can be found here.
Approved at its public hearing was a Text and Map Additions to the Land Development Ordinance for the Town of Beaufort, which includes Section 10-E A-ED Airport Environmental District and its complementary Noise Contour Map, Section 10-F Airport Runway Exclusion District and its complementary Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) Map, and Table 10-1 Overlay/Conservation Districts Table of Uses. 
Also approved at its public hearing was the removal of Local Historic Landmark status of the former Beaufort Elementary School, Gymnasium and acreage. 
A Committee To Study Airport/Highway 101 Alternative was appointed. 
Wade Keeler presented an update on the newest program, infrastructure inspections on new developments.  He explained what has been built up to this point at Beau Coast.