UPDATE 02/25/26: During the Feb. 24 work session, the Board decided to move forward with paving Front Street from the west end to Ocean Street. The project will be completed by Easter weekend. For more information, read the Current Projects page, Front Street Paving Project.

UPDATE 01/26/16: During the annual retreat of the Board of Commissioners Jan. 20, The Board was presented a color-coded map detailing the anticipated two-year paving project. Public Works Director Mark Eakes explained the Phase I project will include Front Street from the 1500 block (Belle Air Street) to the west end, including the parking lots flanking Dockhouse Restaurant, and from the corner of Front Street through the 300 block of Turner Street. It is estimated to cost $300,000 to mill to an inch and a half below the curb line and repave. The $300,000 is from the current year’s $600,000 repaving budget. Mr. Burgess said this first phase could be completed by early April.

Mr. Eakes referenced the Legend on the map, indicating the red as the areas that were completed during the last resurfacing project. After the first phase is completed (yellow), the next project would be to resurface (no milling) Mashburn Drive, Glenda Drive, Wellons Drive, Campen Road, Crescent Drive, Circle Drive, North Avenue, Chestnut Drive, Pine Street, Ann Street from the east end to Gordon Street, Belle Air Street, Hill Street, Joyce Boulevard and Fulford Street (green lines on the map) and would be about $300,000 to complete. These two projects would make up the $600,000 marked for roadwork this fiscal year. Mr. Eakes went on to say that the work is to be decided for roads on the map marked orange and blue once it is determined what lies underneath. There is $1.2 million budgeted for the next two years. After the $1.2 million, Ann Street, all the short streets, plus Lennoxville, Cedar, Live Oak and Professional Park will need work. Mayor Stanley asked to have stormwater management incorporated into the work on Broad Street. Staff will move forward with obtaining Informal bids for the paving project. Mr. Burgess wrapped up the discussion by saying that, comfortably, in the next 17 months everything is going to be done except for the short streets and Professional Park. Mr. Burgess said that in the meantime, Public Works would patch Ann Street, which was not included in the current $1.2 million project. 

 UPDATE 12/11/15: The Public Works Department has been busy lately patching asphalt, fixing potholes and making other repairs as necessary on roads around Town. In the spring, a paving project is planned that includes paving parts of Ann Street, Belle Air (north), Wellons Drive, Glenda Drive, Crescent Drive and Pine Street. 

UPDATE 06/22/15: The paving project is nearly complete. Crews are working on final details.

UPDATE 6/01/15: Short Street is closed Monday, June 1, while the contractor is installing piping in the roadway. Paving will take place Monday, June 1, on Jones Avenue, from Short Street to Fairview Drive, and on Sycamore Drive; Tuesday, June 2, on Vine Street, Fairview Drive and Short Street; and Wednesday, June 3, on Jericho Drive and Carteret Drive.

UPDATE 5/19/15:  Paving this week will continue on Wellons Drive, Lockhart Drive, Sycamore Drive, George Street, and into Jones Village.


UPDATE 5/18/15: Morton Trucking began road work in the Park Avenue and Earl Drive area.


UPDATE 4/6/15: Due to the inclement weather in early 2015, the work by the contractor has been delayed by three to four weeks and will begin in May. Work is currently being done by Public Works on Jones Avenue. Crews will also patch roads around Town in the coming weeks.

3/19/15: The Board of Commissioners awarded a contract in the amount of $372,680 to Morton Trucking Inc. for the resurfacing of designated streets at the Feb. 9, 2015, regular meeting.

At the completion of the paving project, Earl Avenue, Park Avenue, George Street, Fairview Drive, Jones Avenue, Center Street, Short Street, Vine Street, Sycamore Drive, Sherwood Boulevard, Briar Patch Drive, Charles Street, Belle Air Street, Yaupon Drive, Ocean Street, Gerald Street, Seaview Street, Leonda Drive from Lennoxville Road to Front Street and Fulford Street from Ann Street to Front Street will be paved.

To learn more about this project, contact Public Works Director Mark Eakes at m.eakes@beaufortnc.org.