The current paving schedule, as of March 15, is the following:

• Monday, March 14: Turner Street from the intersection of Broad Street to the intersection of Front Street.

 • Tuesday, March 15: West end of Front Street to just east of the intersection of Turner and Front streets. The intersection of Turner and Front streets will be closed; use Middle Lane.

 • Wednesday, March 16: Front Street from the intersection of Turner Street to the intersection of Queen Street. The intersection of Turner and Front streets will be closed; use Middle Lane.

 • Thursday, March 17: Front Street from the intersection of Queen Street to the intersection of Live Oak Street.

 • Friday, March 18: Middle Lane and complete paving project.

02/26/16: This information was distributed as a letter to businesses and residents on Front Street. 

Dear Residents and Business Owners,

We are very pleased that by the end of March, driving along the western end of Front Street will be a much-improved experience. To get there, however, we ask for your patience and assistance during this month-long repaving process.

Here is what you need to know:

  • The project begins on Tuesday, March 1, 2016, and will last approximately four (4) weeks.
  • Front Street will be repaved from its western terminus to Hill Street.
  • Turner Street will be repaved from Broad to Front Street.
  • The project consists of three phases: milling, paving, and striping.
  • At no time will residents not be able to access their homes.
  • Parking spots will not be marked throughout the majority of the project, though parking will be permitted.
  • The contractors have provided the anticipated schedule below, though we do know that weather and other uncontrollable factors may come into play.
  • The Town will keep a current schedule on its website during the entire project.
  • Businesses will want to keep their delivery trucks informed. The largest disruption will be during the milling process when sections of Front Street will be closed on Tuesday or Wednesday, as listed below.
  • Beyond the milling phase, while there will be disruption in the way of surfacing, parking, and lane closures, Front Street will remain open to vehicular traffic.
  • Traffic will be rerouted as needed.
  • The project will be completed prior to Easter weekend.
  • A map is at the bottom of this page and project updates will be made available. 

  Milling is the grinding and hauling away of the old asphalt. During this phase, expect noise and dust. Once the milling is complete, the road is driveable, but bumpy and with little or no surface markings.

Estimated completion time: 4 days

Dates: Tuesday, March 1 – Friday, March 4 (contingency day: Saturday, March 5)

Road Closure: During milling, sections of the road will be closed to all but resident traffic, according to the schedule listed below. Residents will have full access to their homes except for the brief time when the work is being performed directly in front of their driveway. We do ask that residents use the cross street closest to their home to keep Front Street driving to an absolute minimum. As soon as a block has been milled, it will be reopened to traffic.

Parking restrictions: All cars must be removed during the milling process. We will have to tow any vehicles that remain in order to proceed with the schedule. Following the milling process, parking will be allowed, but there will not be any delineated spots.

Section 1: Turner Street from Broad to Front Street
Estimated Timing:  7 am - noon on Tuesday, March 1. We will open Middle Lane during this time to two-way traffic to allow vehicular access to First Citizens Bank. All cars must be removed from Section 1 no later than 8 pm on Monday, March 29.

Section 2: Front Street from west end circle to Craven Street (Dockhouse Restaurant)
Estimated Timing: 7 am – 6:30 pm on Wednesday, March 2, and Thursday, March 3. Residents are asked to use Orange or Moore to access their homes. All cars must be removed from Section 2.

Section 3: Front Street from Craven Street (Dockhouse Restaurant) to Pollock Street
Estimated Timing: 7 am – 6:30 pm on Friday, March 4.  All cars must be removed from Section 3 no later than 8 pm on Thursday, March 3.

Section 4: Front Street from Pollock Street to Live Oak Street
Estimated Timing:
 7 am – 6:30 pm on Saturday, March 5.  All cars must be removed from the Section 4 roads and the parking lots no later than 8 pm on Friday, March 4.


As of Monday, March 7, the paving project schedule is as follows:

The contractor will be paving the east and west parking lots Tuesday, March 8, and Wednesday, March 9.

Turner Street repaving will be Thursday, March 10, and Friday, March 11.

Front Street repaving will begin Monday, March 14.

*The above schedule is subject to change.

The project at Live Oak and Front Streets as NCDOT wants to perform the milling/paving on the part of Front Street under their ownership using their own contracts.  This work will take place later this year.

Following the Paving Phase, the roads will need to cure for approximately seven days before striping.


Striping will occur no later than the week of March 21.

If you have any questions or require additional clarification, here is a list of contacts for you:

Public Works Director, Mark Eakes at 252-732-4928
Public Works Admin Specialist, Wade Keeler at 728-3175
Public Information Officer, Jenn Allen at 252-728-2141
Town Manager, Charlie Burgess at 252-728-2141


 Mark Paving Template FY 15-16 Broad Included